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3 min readNov 14, 2021

I have a dream that someone could gift me a book it should be a novel it could be anything like literature, History, mythological, fiction, non-fiction, thriller, crime, play stories, drama, fantasy, etc… I have such a particular desire in me when in childhood. since, childhood it became an interest to reading fascinating stories, fantasy stories, etc…

oo much love towards music&cinema got me this book. One Day I saw his Instagram story featuring “ guess the title from Bob Dylan lyrics & win the book. I love listening to western music from Bob Dylan’s lyrics Blowin’ In The Wild, I guess the title, But I never think anyone could give a book. finally, I got the book. After guessing the title.
Thanks are not enough to say in words. For me, Its means a lot I owe to you. I love reading books As much as love watching movies.
The person who gave me this book is Tapasi Raju Yerra. Such a person, it’s not a giving book it's giving me literature. It's a priceless and precious thing for me. Today I felt too short for words( సంతోషమంతా శివతాండవాడుతుందే ) there are two special persons in my life who I never forget one of my friends (10th classmate) gave me a wristwatch as a gift. And, now you gave me a precious thing in my life (Ravan and Eddie) I never forget I’ll keep in heart.

I owe to you @filmy_raju

నేను నీకు ఋణపడి ఉన్నాను తాపసి రాజు గారు

I love to read adventurous, larger-than-life stories, literature books, etc. It’s one of its kind stories I am going to read about their lives.
The Book: Ravan & Eddie written by #Kiran_Nagarkar

Finally, I got my first gifted book by Tapasi Raju Yerra. He is into filmmaking currently, making short films with outstanding stories

you can watch them on youtube or below links provided for your reference

His Second Film with an authentic story, a very realistic thought.

He acted in this short film

chronological third film AndAs a director second film I guess,

His Team and Crew, Technical crew for the short film

His next film is on the way to hitting the OTT screens, very soon details will update on the upcoming blog page. until then stay tuned.

One last thing…

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