How I Educate Myself


Ways to educate

  1. When a question about a certain topic pops up, I google it
  2. I watch movies and documentaries
  3. I attend seminars, Ted talks, webinars
  4. I travel
  5. I ask questions all the time
  6. I read, read, read
  7. As a child, I keep my sense of curiosity alive
  8. I keep using a lot of time on my Twitter and Lock stories so that they keep giving me mini shots of information all the time.
  9. I watch videos on youtube, blogs, etc…
  10. sometimes, I can’t sleep without knowing the answers

Each time we learn something new, a part of our brain gets activated.

Each time I learned something I feel happy

One last thing…

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___________ written by SiddarthareddY Chitiki