A Better life: Burden Less

Siddarthareddy Chitiki
1 min readJul 18, 2022


your life in your hands.

Life is not in our control and never listens to us, cannot predict this uncertainty in life. you face some anxiety and stress from the situations.

By doing some little tasks like doing exercise, & walking in life every morning we can get away 30% from problems.

And doesn’t require to go the hospital or feeling sick. Eating a healthy diet, drinking more water, and reducing alcohol in life health is our control.

Mind: what’s right, what’s wrong for you if known it lifts us from sinful time, not having any sort beliefs like prayer to god,

spending time doing any type activity can keep life blissful. avoiding social media can make better blissful

your talent, character, and honesty can keep you away from sinful nature. don’t think about others and how they react.

don’t think about what is not in your hands like tsunamis, tornadoes, viruses, accidents, etc.

If you pursue what the above said you don’t need to go temple prayer for a god or meet an astrologer to know your future.

you are a burden less.

I have observed many friends who are self-disciplined and living a burden-less “Better energy”

they have no struggles, no anxiety about life & Future. they are more joyous than usual people.

They keep their life control in their hands more than 90% and the rest is 10% by nature acts.



Siddarthareddy Chitiki

Institution of Civil Engineer and Interested in FilmMaking.