Top 1o travel quotes from great poets link attached below

Traveling awakens you and introduces your inner self.

Greatest Philopshy from Greatest man from India

He is none, other than Rabindranath Tagore

He is one of the great men which I never heard any of kind like him…!

Top 10 Motivational, Inspirational, philosophy quotes from him.

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Ways to educate

  1. When a question about a certain topic pops up, I google it
  2. I watch movies and documentaries
  3. I attend seminars, Ted talks, webinars
  4. I travel
  5. I ask questions all the time
  6. I read, read, read
  7. As a child, I keep my sense of curiosity alive
  8. I keep using a lot of time on my Twitter and Lock stories so that they keep giving me mini shots of information all the time.
  9. I watch videos on youtube, blogs, etc…
  10. sometimes, I can’t sleep without knowing the answers

Each time we learn something new, a part of our brain gets activated.

Each time I learned something I feel happy

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A story of a small kid

A kid in a training center of martial arts

His Master, teaching him not to give up

Pls, watch the video of s small kid, his consistency towards the goal

There is a saying that ‘’ Be surrounded yourself with people who pushes you and courageous always towards the goal whatever the situation is occurs

This the story of a small kid…! watch the video link.



Be kind

Eat well

Exercise well

Sleep well


Be honest

Be patient

Dream big

Judge less

Smile often

Be optimistic

Forgive easily

Show gratitude

Think positive

Keep an open mind

Speak well of others

Make the most of now

Avoid social comparison

Help Others